Peak Performance Training For Individuals And Teams.
"Dr John's" updated book is in! Be sure to check it out.
This book gripped me. I found myself grunting approval at every turn of the page. Dr. John does a wonderful job of describing the psychological aspects of learning to skydive well. The mental world of skydiving is not only key to high performance but, for me, is it's most
rewarding element......

SkyMind provides a comprehensive program of peak performance training for both individuals and teams. Its clients include world-class athletes, writers, musicians, dancers, artists, business men and women--people from all walks of life. Some are highly accomplished professionals seeking to fine-tune their skills while others are beginners and amateurs searching for guidance and inspiration.

Regardless of your goal or your current level of skill:

•   If you are committed to personal or professional growth and
     transformation NOW-----

•   If you are determined to “make a difference” in your own life and
     the lives of others NOW-----

SkyMind may be for you.

As human beings we tend to be unhappy, dissatisfied or unfulfilled for one of two reasons:

1.   We either have no worthwhile direction or purpose in our
      lives, that is, we have nothing that excites us, drives us, or
      gives our life meaning


2.   We do have a direction and purpose but continually fall short
      of achieving our goals.

Some of us have tried and failed over and over again while others just can't seem to make a firm commitment or invest the time and effort necessary to reach our objectives. Frustrated, disillusioned and very disappointed, we often give up--or worse--we continue trying with little hope of success. In short, we abandon our dream. On occasion, when it does come to mind, we tell ourselves, “Why bother?”.

Now if we are willing, at least for a moment, to ignore our negative and defeatist thinking and make an honest assessment of our abilities, we will probably find that we do possess the potential and raw skill necessary to reach our goals. In fact, we might even find that we are capable of achieving extraordinary things with the right help and support.

•   So why then are we stuck and have so many excuses for
     coming up short?

•   Where is the enthusiasm we once had?

•   And what is it that makes us keep walking into the same wall
     over and over again?

Are we settling for less than we should?

Now it would be foolish and unrealistic to think that we can achieve every goal we set in life. But the truth is that most of us quit trying much too early in the game and can achieve far more than we give ourselves credit for. We encounter obstacles, get discouraged, and slowly begin to talk ourselves out of the dream. We manufacture a hundred different reasons (or excuses) for not going on. And the sad part is, that with the right guidance and coaching, most of these obstacles could be eliminated. And believe it or not, with some imagination and creativity, others could actually be used to our advantage.

SkyMind's solution to this problem utilizes a simple two-step process. The first involves a realistic appraisal of your goal and a thorough assessment of your abilities in relation to that goal. In other words we answer the question, “Are you really capable of achieving what you desire?” If the answer is “Yes,” then the second step is creating a practical and timely plan to help you re-discover your passion and reach your goal. If the answer is “No,” then the second step is helping you re-discover your passion, re-design your goal, and create a practical plan that matches your abilities--your highest abilities. In either event, your passion must be re-discovered because nothing in life is worth anything without it.

The Role of Passion
Passion lives within us. It is a compelling life force that dwells in each and every human being and is always present although its expression is often blocked in some way. Like it or not--recognize it or not--passion drives us all in one form or another. We cannot choose to have it or not have it. Like the sun and the moon, it exists and it is our gift. However the willingness to acknowledge it, cultivate it, and direct its incredible energy accordingly:

That is our choice

And if we so choose, we can uncover the blocks and barriers to its expression and liberate this amazing energy. In fact,

We must-----if we choose to live to our full potential.
We must-----if we choose to "make a difference" in our lifetime.
We must-----if we desire to love and be loved fully.
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